Home made carrier system

The Alley 560 comes within a big box, with no vision about transport other than dumping all the items in the back of a car. Having different plans of how to get to my destinations, I developped my own carrier system. It is made by connecting the straight aluminium components of the frame, peddles, and a carrier with wheels you can buy in a shop.







Bundling the bars

In the transport mode, four bundles of aluminium are attached to the carrier, together with the paddles. Water bottles cut in half, are attached at both ends of the bundles.

Connecting the paddles

I used nylon cord to connect the paddles to the carrier via a hole in the blades. The other sides of the peddles are bound together by hard and soft pvc tubes, to hold while walking.

Binding what is left

The ribs and tub wedges are bound with elastic cords used on the deck of the boat.

Carrying an assembled kayak

For carrying an emptied boat over land without much effort, I use the carrier combined with the frame of the backpack. The kayak is placed on top of the rubber edges above. Now you can carry the boat over a distance of a kilometer without sweat.