Large kayak gear

Paddles (not on the picture), floatation vest, helmet, launch socks, water socks, spray skirt, drysuit.


– I choose not to bring an extra set of paddles. In stead I attach an elastic cord to the paddles and the boat. If you fear severe damage to you paddles, an option is to attach waterproof tape over the blades so that broken parts will stick together, enabling to fix the blades afterwards.

– I use a folded sleeping matress as a seat, packed in a lightweight waterproof bag (see the home made outdoor gear section). An elastic cord at the bottem keeps it inside if you may capsize. Unfolded the matress can be used to have little nap in the kayak.

Transport mode

In the home madeĀ 100 liters bag.


Lightweight integrated back – and foot support

Because I found the standard foot support rather heavy for its function, I designed a lighter alternative, where the back support is attached to the foot support with a nylon cords. With this method the cords do not entangle you feet when leaving the boat in a hurry.