Outher Fabric

The outher fabric is made of glassfiber covered with pvc which can, if necessary, be repaired with glue very easily. Inside the fabric, a layer of 1 cm thick foam is inserted. The foam protects the outher fabric by absorbing shocks on the frame from the outside, and prevents sinking when the boat is full of water.








Transport mode

The outher fabric is rolled around the foam, which is also rolled, and placed in a 100 liters lightweight nylon bag with a zipper (home made). The bag from Ally that I bought for this kayak is horrible: heavy, unpractical and very expensive. The 100 liters bag is placed on top of the carrier system with four straps.










Problem with ice in the zippers

Subzero temperatures together with ice, cause the lower deck waterproof zippers (at the inside) to block and become damaged. This can be solved by pouring hot water over it. I strongly advice the maker of the Ally 560 to use the same type of non – waterproof zippers as on the upper deck, with a flap to prevent water to get inside.

Straps on the zippers

Straps are placed at the large zippers, for easier handling.






Reinforced tips

The outher fabric expands when it’s cold, and shrinks when it’s warm. I guess that explains the damage in the fabric at the front and back edges: in temperatures above 25 degrees there is just too much tension on the frame. I have repaired the damage by adding pads over the front and back edges.












Handles on the tips

I attached straps at both ends to carry or lead the boat in the water by hands.








Transport bag for the kayak