Waterproof Backpack


I use a sturdy frame backpack, combined with a waterproof bag of 60 liters. The system carries well and keeps your gear crispy dry, even after two weeks of persistant rain. I have even used the system as a floatationdevice to cross a river. The bag is attached to the frame with adjustable straps¬†(home made)¬†to carry any bag with appropriate size. You can also attach side bags, showed on on the ‘Clothes and Boots’ page. The bag can be placed directly into a canoe or kayak.













Put rubber bands around your hipbelt, for more grip around your hips.


The picture beneath shows the backpack and how to organise the equipment.

See the video: How to pack your backpack


Home made straps for sturdy backpack frame

– aluminium frame

– shoulder bands

– hip bands

– nylon band 5 meters

– broad nylon band 2 meters

– fasteners 3 x

– large fastener

– straps 15 x

– nylon cord 2 meters