Snowsledge trekking in Swedish Lappland

Explore the largest and purest mountain wilderness in Europe, just above the polar circle. Enjoy the unspoiled winter wonderland of the extreme north, and the company of up to five enthousiastic travellers. You will learn how to be comfortable in what seems to be an extremely harsh environment.

We will move around by cross-country skis, using a pulka (sledge) for carrying the gear. In moderate wind we use a snowkite, of which the basics can be learned quickly. It’s a wilderness adventure, so we will camp in the wild. There are some huts available to be used for refuge if necessary. Temperatures vary from -5 to -25 Celsius. Occasionally there are strong winds and heavy snowfall with limited sight.

Shortly after our arrival in Suorva we will climb the Kebnekaise and go down on skis if conditions allow. We will get the pulka that was left beneath, and go southwest to Akkajaure. Broad valleys and silent lakes and rivers lead us into the Sareks Mountainrange. The finish of our trip is marked by the small town of Kvikkjokk. By then we have covered a distance of 200 kilometers.

Activities : cross – country skiing, snowkiting (no experience necessary)

Requirements : moderate outdoor experience, capable of walking six hours a day in rolling terrain

Degree of difficulty : 3 on a scale from 1 to 5

Time span : 10 days, of which 8 days in the outdoors

Dates : 1-10 April / 12-22 April / 24 April to 4 May

Size of the group : up to five participants, private guiding by request

Price : depending on the amount of participants. All-inclusive by standard


Visa and permits

Two-way tickets Stockholm – Suorva

Food and supplies


sleeping bag (-30), inner liner, bivouac-sac and matress

cross country – telemark skis, poles and boots

headlamp, GPS, compass

cooking gear




first aid




Personal extreme sports insurance

Non-outdoor food and drinks

Outdoor clothes and snow goggles