Kayak adventure from Kotera River to Lake Baikal


Discover the hardly visited mountains north-east from the Baikal Lake. Enjoy the immeasurable Siberian wilderness with its high mountains, forests and unspoiled rivers. You will be travelling with up to five enthousiastic companions.

A motorboat will bring us to the upper Kotera River. We will walk up one of the nearby mountains, and return to the kayak to paddle downstream through breathtaking landscapes. Reaching the Angara Valley, the Kotera meanders into the Angara River that brings us all the way to Lake Baikal. By then we have covered 300 kilometers.

The Kotera is a class II+ river that does not require wildwater skills. In the lower sections some driftwood requires attention. The Angara – valley with all it’s interwining streams, need precise navigation. Temperatures vary from – 5 to 25 degrees Celcius, with a good chance of snow on the higher peaks. We choose to go late August or September, to wait for one sub – zero night that kills nearly all musquitos.

Skills : moderate outdoor – and kayak experience, capable of walking six hours a day in rolling terrain

Degree of difficulty : class II+ wildwater. Walks classified as 4 on a scale from 1 to 5

Time span : 10 days, of which 8 days in the outdoors

Dates : 7 – 17 September / 19 – 29 September

Size of the group : up to five participants, private guiding by request

Price : depending on the amount of participants. All-inclusive by standard



Visa and permits

Tickets Bratsk – Novo Uoyan / Severobaikalsk – Bratsk

Motorboat to the upper Kotera

Food and supplies


foldable kayak, paddles, floating vest, spray skirt, waterproof stuffbags

sleeping bag (-15), bivouac-sac and matress

headlamp, GPS and compass

waterproof backpack

cooking equipment


first aid




Personal extreme sports insurance

Non – outdoor food and drinks

Outdoor clothes and boots