Small Camping Utensils


I bring an emergency bandage, Betadine, textile tape, shoecream, knife sharpener, superglue, repairset for matress and rubber boots, sewing kit, scissors, can opener, screwdrivers, lens, firestick, safetypins, fishing hooks, artificial bate, lighter, and batteries. Other items are coffee, tea, tea maker, salt, oil, dish brush, scourer, water purification, soap, washcloth, toothpicks, vitamin pills, razor kit, nail clipper.

See the video How to organise small camping utensils


Items that become wet (wash cloth, brush for the dishes, thea) are stored in waterproof plastic medicin bottles. For some items (batteries, memory chip for the camera) I use little square boxes from a hardware store.

Because these little items are often hard to pack efficiently, I use two small utensil racks (home made) to attach the items.

The racks are stored in a small utensils bag (home made).


Use textile tape as a band-aid for blisters, or other wounds. Place a little piece of tape on the middle of the sticky strip, to spare the wound itself.


Home made rack for small camping utensils

Small utensils rack

– plastic strip (cut from a bucket) 7 cm high, 27 cm wide

– elastic cord 2 x 70 cm

Small utensils bag

– nylon fabric

– nylon band

– zipper