Home made gear

YK woodstove

Ever wondered how to safely make a wood-fire inside your nylon tent? I might have found the solution. With weight of les than 1 kilogram the stainless steel system it can easily be carried in a backpack. It also packs tightly with the Trangia 27. The system uses the solo-stove or something of similar size, which you can buy on the internet. All the smoke will leave the tent throught the pipe, so the tent can be closed completely, providing safe warmth even in – 33 Celcius.

YK 3 ski – poled tent

Evolved from the YK 1. Four – season tent for two persons, with a large roof top that can be opened and closed, making it more comfortable during warm summers. Two ski poles are used as tent poles, with extentions for the additional height, making this tent very lightweight and suitable for taller people as well. The back side uses two little carbon poles giving room for the feet.



YK 1 ski – poled tent

The original model used during countless shorter and longer trips. Why a T-shaped tent? Because it’s lighter then a dome shaped tent, which are MUCH to small for me compaired to their weight. Any tent you’re not able sit-up straight is useless during multi-day trips when there is a good chance of rain. The YK1 has the weight of a small tarp, providing much shelter however. You probably guess I tend to camp in a colder climate.










Cutlery box

Stores some of the longer cooking equipment in a sturdy, extremely lightweight box. Protecting cutlery to get damaged or to damage other gear.










Versatile waterproof backpack

A sturdy aluminium frame is connected to a waterproof bag by home made straps and ribbons. Disattached, the bag can be easily fitted into a kayak. The backpack is so waterproof, it can be used as a floating device to cross deep rivers.









4 compartments bag with zippers

Very lightweight bag designed to story lots of smaller equipment. Weight and size are reduced by not using heavy ribbons and straps.









Waterproof charging station

Nylon bag with zipper, plug holes and elastic cords for attachment on a backpack or the deck of a kayak. Within this bag are waterproof bags with batteries and electrical devices (such as a satellite phone) that can be charged internally, or by an external solar panel.










Bear warning device










Waterproof camera housing

Housing for a Samsung NX200 made of a transparant Ortlieb bag, sewage tubes, with a transparant lense glued to the lid of the tube. Although the housing can be used underwater for a very short while, it is intended for damp and rainy weather.