Quick Grabs


‘Quick grabs’ are the items you want to reach on instance, such as a camera, GPS, sunglases, and such. What I bring is a filmcamera, spare parts, camera batteries, memorychips, anti fog inserts, batteries, tripod, photocamera, GPS, soundrecorder, cell phone, watch, nylon cord, headlamp, thermometer, signal mirror, earplugs, suncream, midget repellent, marker, signal pistol and bullits, fishing line, hooks, artificial bate, knife, sunglasses and a map.


The items are packed waterproof if necesary. Other, small items, are packed in a bag with a zipper. The sunglasses are attached to a protective case (home made).

The equipment is carried in a a two liters bag to carry in front of your belly (home made). The videocamera is carried in a seperate bag (home made) attached to the belt of the belly bag.

Home made belly bag

Protective case for sunglasses

– plastic edge (cut from a bucket) 20 cm

– elastic cord 15 cm

Belly bag for quick grabs

– nylon fabric 22 cm high, 36 cm wide (2 x)

– zipper 36 cm wide

– nylon band 4 cm (2 x)

– plastic strip (cut from a bucket) 17 high, 38 wide

– velcro 34 wide

– broad nylon band 135 cm

– fastener

– elastic cord 100 cm

– stopper

Additional belly bag for the videocamera

more information will follow soon