Survival Equipment


I have been making survival packages from the age of ten. At that age I had no outdoor experience and filled the packages with way too many things. It has become clear that a good gear can only be assembled by using it. But how to create something for emergency situations you have never got into, and you don’t want to get into either? I believe it is all about experience and precise anticipation on situations you may face, without exaggeration.

My survival package contains an emergency blanket, lighter, knife, copper thread, fishing gear, condom, needle, lamp, whistle and compass.


– Check at least once a year if the gear is functioning properly and replace if necessary.

– Make shure you carry the package with you, especially at the moment you leave your backpack behind for some reason


The items are packed waterproof. Some of the items are packed in a square box you can buy in a hardware store.

The gear is carried in a bag for the neck (home made) to wear under the clothes.

Home made bag for survival gear

– nylon fabric

– nylon band

– two zippers