Ally 560 foldable sea-kayak

With a length of 560 cm, the Ally 560 foldable sea kayak is the largest foldable kayak on the market. I have used it during my Sweden 2009, Siberia 2010 and Siberia 2011 expeditions. It is fast, has excellent balance and can be used on rough seas and class III whitewaters without problems. It is foldable to the size of a large backpack, so you can bring it to whatever place you like.

It has zippers at the front and the back to fill the boat with lots of supplies quite easily. The boat weighs 20 kilograms and comes with an aluminium frame, outher fabric, foam matrass, a chair, back – and foot support, a rudder, and a steel cable to tightly span the kayak.

However, there were two problems. The boat was hard to assemble, and in the disassembled mode it was impossible to carry in one piece without a car. I have therefore made some improvements in order to drastically improve the functionality of this great outdoor device.

The Ally 560 is constructed with the following elements: Outher FabricAluminium FrameHome Made Carrier and Userguide.