Wilderness Coaching

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Lone Wolf Adventures is convinced that the wilderness is the ideal background to discover qualities we never experienced before. Underway, Yuri coaches groups and individuals, largely based on his ideas about the development of an efficient mindset. Outside the expedition periods, LWA organizes two-day camping trips at locations close at home in The Netherlands, such as the Veluwe forest.


Risk Management Course Alaska

In March 2015, Lone Wolf Adventures organizes a ten-day risk management course in arctic Alaska. From a basecamp at the skirts of the extremely remote Brooks Range we will undertake several ski trips. We spend the night under the aurora in hurricane-resistant tents, build an igloo, learn to navigate through the wilderness, and learn to survive as comfortable as possible under extreme conditions. Tip: Keep your tube of toothpaste in your pocket.

You will learn to deal with real risks, sharpening your sense of urgency, efficiency and focus. The overwhelming silence and nature offer a unique opportunity to reflect on your work and personal life. The expedition is tailor-made for managers and entrepeneurs who seriously want to get involved in risk management and (personal) leadership.

We are not looking for professional athletes, but we do appriciate a healthy dose of common sense, perseverance and team spirit. The expedition is guided by Yuri Klaver (Lone Wolf Adventures) and two Dutch marines working at IC-YOU, all with extensive experience in the winter polar region. Our slogan: the experience of a lifetime, and a safe return home.

You will also be involved in the preparations of Arctic Venture, a multi-year project of Yuri Klaver to kayak and ski from Alaska to Greenland, al by himself. You’ll be there when Yuri picks up his kayak from a connex in thirty degrees below zero, two days walking from our basecamp. After the course, Yuri starts his third season of Arctic Venture, heading into Canada as far as possible for the next six months. By joining Yuri you’ll contribute to his world-record attempt!


Information days

You’re welcome at Javalaan 24 in Baarn, The Netherlands. Please sign up via yuriklaver@gmail.com.

– December 13, 2014, from 15:00 to 17:00

– January 10, 2015, from 15:00 to 17:00

– January 16, 2015, from 19:00 to 21:00



Day 1: indoor Arctic Course

Day 2: flight from Schiphol to Kaktovik, Alaska

Day 3 – 10: indoor Arctic Courses, trips over the Arctic Ocean and into the Brooks Range

Day 11: evaluation

Day 12: return flight



Guidance, two-way flight, tent, sleeping bag and mattress, cooking gear, food, GPS, compass, map, satellite phone, sled, snow saw, snow shovel, skis, seal skins, ski poles, first aid.


Not included

Passport, visa, insurance, personal hygiene, clothing, ski boots.