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Yuri Klaver offers inspiring presentations, seminars and workshops aimed to reveal the dormant potential in people and organizations. Yuri studied environmental science and policy, and worked as a sustainability consultant for businesses and governments. Today he is an entrepreneur who focuses on pioneering solo expeditions in the northern wilderness of Siberia and Alaska. In 2014 Yuri became the first human being ever to cross the Brooks Range from ocean to ocean, by going upstream a river by kayak, cross a mountain pass and paddle a thousand kilometers downstream to reach the Arctic Ocean.

Yuri owes the success of his daring expeditions to the ability to apply strength, kindness and reason in the right ratio, at the right moment. In an inspiring manner, Yuri talks about the functioning of the human mind and how we are able to deal with our perceived limitations, fears and setbacks. Although everybody strives for fulfillment, in our daily lives there is an abundance of limitations to our joy, making our desire to live an almost impossible task. One of the reasons is that we in this modern age of abundance, have trouble getting to the heart of the matter: everything seems equally important. The result is that we spend time on side issues and things we can not change, leaving less attention to relevant issues that we have in our own hands, such as our personal development which enables us to be strong and free. Yuri bases his story on an extensive and comprehensive insight into human nature, and extensive experience with situations that require rapid and appropriate action. Examples of statements are:

“More important than your goal, is the victory of the setbacks in advance to your goal.”

“Ideology can easily frustrate your fulfillment.”

“A great deal of commerce is based on our inability to satisfy our desires.”

Klick here for the book Kabbala For Complete Life Management from Michael Poortnaar



For booking and questions, please send an email to yuriklaver@gmail.com. Yuri is available from October 2014 to February 2015. Outside the expedition periods you will recieve an answer within 24 hours. A session costs between € 450 and € 950, depending on the amount of customization.